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State of Rofhiwa: First Gathering of Kgoro

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the First Gathering of Kgoro which will take place today, Thursday, November 30th at 5:30 PM. The location has been set and all registered attendees should have received an email with location/address details. If you registered but have not yet received an email with address details, please email us at

At 11 AM, Thursday November 30, 2023, we made the decision to close registration in order to finalize accommodations for all those who have declared. Shoot us an email if you missed us and wish to attend. We'll do our best to accommodate you but please be advised that it's going to be tight.

We meet to discuss the current State of Rofhiwa - what has happened and what is happening - and work towards determining desires and goals pertaining to its future. 

Kgoro (pronounciation) is a collectively facilitated sacred space shared, held, and made possible together by people who are mutually accountable to one another. It is a space to wrestle with our problems; to inform; to bring questions, confusion, anger, shame, reproach, disappointment, disagreement, humility, listening, and sometimes, though not always, healing.

Kgoro is not possible without willingness to surrender to those with whom you commune. So then, we turn ourselves over to each of you. We turn over our internal and external communications, transactions, decisions, problems, desires, and conflicts - the business as well as the personal of it. We hope that we can read, review, listen, ascertain, ask, challenge and assess together the appropriate path forward.

This is not a one-time convening. It is a commitment to convene over time. There will be 6 such gatherings over the next 6 months; each refined by the one preceding. And you may attend some or all. 𝘈𝘯𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘦 can attend. If you cannot be present in person, please declare your stand-in. 

I extend my thanks and gratitude to the myriad friends, family, facilitators, elders (across oceans), healers, and mediators who have held the difficulty of these months with care. In particular, the Black folks who have helped us arrive here through conversation, thoughts, advice, aid, and care.

May the grace of our ancestors keep you. Ba re bolele ditsela. May they greet and welcome us graciously. And be pleased with the work of our hands.

Kgorong (at Kgoro):

1. We will hold Kgoro at a fireside

2. "Agenda" will be set by those who are present

3. We will be sat on/low to ground if you are able. Chairs will be provided for folks who need them.

4. Because Rofhiwa, as the name suggests, was made with our ancestors we invite you to bring your people with you

5. If you smoke Tobacco, bring that

6. There will be food and drink and you are welcome to bring your own.

7. If you cannot come for any reason at all, you may send your stand-in. Otherwise, we welcome your well wishes.

8. We will make a single recording of Kgoro which will be made available for download provided the consent of all those present.

See you soon.

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